Joining THE METHOD® is the best decision I have ever made. In three months, I lost 19 Kilos (35 pounds) and have never looked/felt better. I can't wait to continue this amazing achievement - but know that everyone has the ability to pursue "The Method" and do something amazing for yourself. "The Method" is definitely the way to go, without a doubt in my mind.
Thank you Ingrid for changing my life forever.  Check out INSTA to  watch THE METHOD® TRIBE's journey to a  GREAT BODY & MINDSET

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THE METHOD® builds your core as your foundation with  a cognitive brain to body technique called CONTROLOGY? Integration, this innovative system  induces seamless advanced execution of  elaborate, complex, uniquely modified Pilates exercises, while staying true &  faithful to the foundation of the original  method  developed by Joseph Pilates,. Thru extreme balance,  spinal alignment, vertebral lengthening, straigthening & muscle strengthening, resulting in LONG LEAN SCULPTED BEAUTIFUL MUSCLES, this  EXTRAORDINARY  protocol is ABOVE & BEYOND mainstream commercial PILATES, and anything you have ever experienced in a work-out,  DISCOVER an EXTRAORDINARY DISCIPLINE  that will move you BODY, MIND & SPIRIT, transform you completely, think of it as RECLAIMING YOUR BODY!
THE METHOD® is a revolutionary UPGRADED, IMPROVED & ADVANCED UNIQUE FITNESS  program & GLOBAL HOLISTIC HEDONIST LIFESTYLE. From head to toe, thru complete spinal alignement,  we work muscles you never knew you had, whether you have done Pilates or not before, whether you are an adept of other physical disciplines. The ULTIMATE FITNESS  PROTOCOL is patent-protected and exclusively taught within our organization & franchises.  "IT IS THE MIND ITSELF WHICH BUILDS THE BODY" Joseph Pilates.  Mind over Matter took a whole new meaning for THE METHOD® creator Ingrid De La Mare - Kenny, when learning the fundamentals of Joseph Pilates original method  "You control your body your body does not control you.  I created THE METHOD® with this fundamental rule in mind, and so was born my unique PROTOCOL that skips over beginner and intermediate levels and jumps right onto an advanced and unique physical  Level of performance & execution. We change the way you look, feel and live."   100 years ago Joseph Pilates had the dream to change lives with his method, today with THE METHOD®, lives and bodies are changing Fast! THE METHOD® is not a work-out it's a  LIFESTYLE - a GAME-CHANGER.


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Listening to my Brand's  FOUNDING Customers since 2017 has been the driving force behind GANGSTER CHIC's growth... I launched fast... adjusted later, taking notes from  the feedback the good, the bad and the could-be-better... 
You are the  HEROES of my story brand, without YOU, there are no success stories to share, there is no STORY, no Brand. You trusted your health to me and to my products, thru thick and thin, the growing pains of my little business, the hits and the misses... THE FUCK UPS, We owned up to and fixed. Pivoting to grow has been challenging for us, but most importantly frustrating for YOU. Our customer service, our shipping operations, the French Postal system... logistics had all misses, while my products had all the hits... You, my FOUNDING customers, weathered all the storms so patiently, with indulgence, trust, and loyalty... THE REASON, This little brand made it throughout is because each of the orders placed from our MONACO HQ have a face in my mind: YOURS... our talks on Insta, your emails to me directly to tell me what you think of  a new product I launched... 
Connect with me ... I need to hear it all from you: The good, the bad, the "WHAT THE FUCK Ingrid! you need to do better ...  In the meantime, My OGs, those of you who love receiving your packages from our little HQ in Monaco, like a warm hug from MONACO... SHIPPING TO THE USA, CANADA from Monaco is NOW going to be faster, more efficient and bypass the FRENCH POST snail-speed processing times. We also reduced our WORLDWIDE shipping cost including to USA -CANADA  
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