We certainly hope you will be satisfied with your purchase, but in case you aren't we do need to clarify our RETURN POLICY, as commercial legislation in our country, and return-policy culture is possibly way more different than in yours especially if you are in North America. 

All purchases of food stuff, beauty & wellness products, hormonal & other health supplements are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned - Unless your items arrived unsealed, damaged  or defective. If that is the case, make sure YOU DO NOT THROW OUT the item. We will need physical proof of the damage or defect to proceed further. The first step is to email photos of the defective or damaged item including the box it came in to legal@themethodmc.com

If you have pre-existing conditions known or unknown that counter-indicate the use or consumption of the product, no return or exchange will be issued.  It is important that you do your due diligence and your research. For example, if you find out you are pregnant and do not wish to use Simply Inulin durin that time, we are not legally liable for this change of circumstances - Similarly if you have FODMAP intolerance but you did not realize Simply Inulin may not be consumed while on a low FODMAP diet, we are not legally liable nor responsible to refund your order. 

The only circumstance in which we will accept a return for exchange / refund is if our item is proven to be defective. The item will have to be returned to us physicially in order to be considered for a refund/return. 

CAVEAT: Unlike most North American E-Commerce company, we will never let you just keep the item for free, and refund you. Commercial legislation for Small Businesses Loss Prevention obligates us to provide physical proof of a defective item or damaged item in order to refund and declare losses. 

If we determine that your item is indeed damaged or defective we will then proceed with authorizing a return and will email you a pre-paid return shipping label. 

In what other situation can you return an item ? 

There are very few exceptions to our FINAL SALE policy -- Of course there are exceptional situations in which we may determine in your favor.  

 You have tangible proof that the item is defective in its quality but this is not visible to the eye. Please email our legal specialist at legal@themethodmc.com  -- if our legal loss prevention specialist deems your proof tangible we will accept to proceed with a free return in order to submit the product to a third party government affiliated health & quality compliance agency. Once this third party agency determines the validity of your claim, a full report along with a refund will be issued to you. Keep in mind that if your claim is without merit you may be responsible for any fees incurred such as return shipping fee and Compliance Officer fees. 

My order is in transit, but I want to cancel it for a refund 

Whatever the reason for wanting to cancel your order, our company doesn't give merchandise for free. It can happen (especially during this period of global pandemic) that your package will take longer or be delayed at customs. While we understand the frustration, we cannot recall packages once they are already in transit (especially if they have left our country) -- You will have to patiently await its arrival and refuse the package. Once it is returned to us safely, we will issue a refund minus the shipping fees (which we incurred to ship) and a 5% restocking fee.  Again, this may be where we have a cultural gap with your country's commercial practices. While our merchandise is in transit or in your hands, and until the package is refused and returned to us, we have no obligation legally to refund you for items you may hold on to. Let's make sure we get our merchandise back and we will happily refund you minus the fees. 
My Order shows as  delivered but my neighborg stole it or my concierge misplaced it ! can you replace my order ? 
We have fullfilled our legal responsibility by shipping and delivering your item. What happens beyond delivery is not our legal responsibility. Since insurance cannot be claimed on a delivered item - you will need to pursue this locally with your post office. Please do not expect us to replace items we have shipped and delivered legally. We will only replace the items if the package was lost in transit. 
Tracking numbers do not show as delivered unless an item was indeed delivered. 
What if you refuse a package, moved to a different address, or the package was undeliverable
although shipped to the address you provided on the record ? 
When your package is returned to us we will refund you for the value of the product minus the shipping fee & 5% restocking fee
It may be acceptable with so many huge companies in North America to issue a full refund on undeliverable items, however for our small foreign company it is not, and here is why. When you pay for International Shipping we in full- transparency do not make a dime on shipping and charge you exactly what our cost of shipping is. This means that when we ship your packages and delivery fails due to circumstances we did not cause, we will still pay the shipping fee to the Postal Services. We cannot take losses caused by circumstances out of our control and often due to you moving, refusing the package or failing to pick up your package from the post office. Commercial Culture in our country, its approach and legal implications on returns & refunds are drastically different, and for this reason we cannot and will not align with your expectations of receiving a full refund including the shipping fee we incurred. 

What if you file a credit card dispute for your purchase (chargeback) ? 

Depending on the reason for your credit card dispute, PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION as CREDIT CARD CHARGE BACKS in our country are deemed FRAUD & may result in criminal charges being filed against you in our country. 
If you filed a credit card charge back with your financial institution because you have not received your order, we will verify with our POSTAL AUTHORITIES the legal data of your tracking number. Please be advised that POSTAL Tracking information are considered legal confirmation of delivery when items are marked delivered on the postal carrier's website. 
If the official postal data shows your item was not delievered and shipping date is over 62 days -- Your charge back will not be contested and your refund will be complete.  

However if the offical postal data shows that your item is still in transit (during a period of 62 days or less) or that it has been delivered to the address you provided on file, your charge back will be deemed FRAUDULENT. 

You will receive an official email from us and thru paypal proposing two possible resolutions 1) you may return our unpaid  items unsealed and unused at your cost with a delivery confirmation method.  2) you may pay restituiton for the chargeback including the original price of your order and the 18 Euros chargeback fee we incurr from our payment processor when a charge back is filed. 

In case Failure to comply with either of these resolutions or i f we do not hear from you within 5 business days --What happens? 

Commercial legislation in our country compels us to file a Police Report against you for Fraud. Such Police Report will then be registered on the Docket, and a judgment against you will be entered by default  for Penal  fraud by a Criminal Court Judge. While you may not live in our country, keep in mind such filings may result in complications with authorities when travelling to Europe. 

It is simply illegal and fraud to keep items you have executed a credit card charge back for and thus you have no paid for. Credit Card disputes without merit are not legally acceptable in our country, and are frowned upon. The legal system is very strict in making dishonest credit card dipsutes punishable by law as it makes it difficult for  small businesses to survive and often costs the governemnt tremendous expenses in financial aid & tax deductions. 

If I file a charge back credit card dispute, can i still shop with your company? 

Unfortunately, unless the matter is resolved amicably you will be blacklisted on our customer system - Your address, financial information and IP address will be banned and unable to shop with us. We will often share this information with our authorized retailers as a loss prevention measure. 

We are so sorry we had to lay out our Return / Credit Card Dispute policies so sternly -- But we have had some unpleasant experiences that indicate a certain culture gap of what is acceptable commerical /return and refund practices. We optimistically want to hope it is only because of cultural differences & that this page may help you understand our commercial etiquette better. 

A final word on Cultural Differences 

When shopping with a small foreign  company like ours please proceed with an open-mind on the world. Commercial practices, customer service, and overall policies differ from your culture. It should not mean our approach is despicable on your standards, it should simply mean mentalities & practices are based on culture not expectations. 

While we thrive to serve our multi-cultural valued clientele, and we have adjusted many of our practices to provide a pleasant and familiar shopping experience --For example: our client service reps speak several languages, a few of our staff members have experience in the American Customer Service field; When it comes to policies and regulations we must and will enforce those of our country and culture. 

We vow to provide you with products & experiences so impeccable you will not need to visit this page.

With Love,